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Award Winning Instruction

Competition Flying Clinic $495

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The Rat Race competition is a great first competition for pilots. This competition takes place in southern Oregon every summer. The mentoring program, and the evening classroom sessions are a great learning opportunity. Eagle Paragliding brings this same type of environment to their Competition Flying Clinics. Pilots are exposed to all aspects of comp flying without the crowds and pressure. The clinic includes both classroom lecture and flying together on a competition task. Here is a list of some of the topics we cover in our cross country clinic:

  • Check lists

  • Mindset
  • Common Beginner Mistakes in Competition
  • Getting a good start
  • Flying speeds
  • Judgment
  • Nerves
  • Turn points
  • Gaggle etiquette
  • Flying alone
  • Descending at cloud base
  • Following
  • Gliding to goal
  • Making Goal
  • Understanding scoring

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