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2008 Monarca Open/Pre Worlds News

Check our 2008 Monarca Open and 2008 Pre Worlds pages for up to date results, photos, and news from the front line.
Monarca Paragliding Open Results

Oliver Rossel takes gold at the 2005 Paragliding Pre Worlds in Brazil 

Oliver Rossel on the Podium

US Paragliding Team 
The 2004 US Pre-Worlds Team

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US Pilots have an edge in Valle

by Rob Sporrer
December 27, 2007

Valle De Bravo Mexico is the location of the 2009 Paragliding World’s Competition. The Paragliding World’s Competition is the sport of paragliding’s Olympics, and it takes place every two years. Every year before the scheduled World Competition the hosting sites holds a Pre-Worlds event. This Pre-World Event is a warm up for pilots from all over the world to fly Valle De Bravo, and get an idea of the flying conditions and terrain.

Valle has the reputation of being a very consistent flying location. Eagle Paragliding has run eight different week long tours in Valle, and we have enjoyed 48 days of flying on these tours. We have flown every day of every tour we have ever put on in Valle.

Most competitions have a few days of bad weather keeping pilots grounded until conditions get better. These cancelled days are sort of the norm, and have come to be expected in most cases. Valle De Bravo has proven to be very consistent over the years, and returning pilots count on lots of flying at the Pre-Worlds event. Pilots from over 42 countries have registered for the event, and 25 of the 135 pilots are from The United States. The USA has more pilots flying in the Pre-Worlds than any other nation.

The 2008 Monarca Paragliding Open is being held just before the Pre-Worlds event. This is the 6th Annual Monarca Open Paragliding Competition. This annual event has given Americans an opportunity to fly a high class competition very close to home over the years. The fact that a good portion of the US pilots competing in this years Monarca and Pre- Worlds have flown there many times before gives the US Team an advantage. The advantage to the US team comes in having seen the terrain, and flown so many tasks in the area at the Monarca Open.

The other advantage the US team has this year is their coach. They have acquired the services of world cup champion Oliver Rossel to help them strategize, and fly well as a team. Josh Cohn and some of the other US pilots who competed in the PWC event in Argentina last October felt having a coach for the Pre-Worlds would be a great idea. Josh Cohn coordinated with 2008 US team leader Rob Sporrer to work up a list of potential candidates. Olly seemed to fit the bill, and was up for the job. Olly will spend time working with the team during the Monarca Open, and hope to bring the group to a high level for the Pre-Worlds event.

The Monarca open is scheduled from January 20-25, and the Pre-Worlds are scheduled from January 28-Febraury 2. Be sure to check back in to the Eagle Paragliding web site for video updates, and stories from the two big competitions in North America this January.

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