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UP Fast Pro Harness



UP is proud to introduce the long awaited Fast Pro harness, loosely based on the renowned Fast model which, when it was first presented, heralded the supine comp harness future.

The Fast Pro is a fully reclined cocoon harness with built-in instrument cockpit and the most aerodynamic shape ever measured. The reserve compartment is located under the lower back and is accessible from both sides.

The back lining is a special mesh material that allows air to circulate for increased comfort during long and /or stressful tasks, and there is a camelbak compartment for the hydration system.

If you prefer to fly without the front fairing it may be removed in a few easy steps, and with the giant storage behind the back you could even choose to carry it on board!

The new Fast Pro has Cobra T-buckles from AustriAlpin, the kind that makes it impossible to slip out even if you forget to click the leg straps.

Available March 2009 in sizes M and L, for body sizes from 165 to around 190cms, the Fast Pro is DHV certified to 100kgs.

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