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Niviuk Icepeak 3

Niviuk LogoJanuary 22, 2009
Source: Niviuk Gliders

In designing the ICEPEAK 3, Niviuk has created a competition glider with even better performance than its younger brother the Icepeak XP. The ICEPEAK 3 offers many advances in the design; a unique glider profile allowing maximum stability and performance at high speed, an advanced rigifoil system, a re-designed “low effort” speed system for smooth and significant speed transitions and a minimalistic but very efficient a line plan

To achieve such high performance, Niviuk has developed the technology used in design the ICEPEAK 3 and with completely new geometry, a flatter wing with an aspect ratio of 7.5, fewer lines and the proven security of the XP, the ICEPEAK 3 is the wing for pilots wishing to reach the highest point on the podiums.

The very first Icepeak from Niviuk was released in 2006 and since that date Olivier Nef and his design team have not become complacent. They continued to research, develop and refine the Icepeak 06, which ultimately resulted in the release of the very successful Icepeak XP. Now, using the very latest advancements in R&D technology, the added years of research and after many prototypes and exhaustive testing, Olivier Nef and the team at Niviuk have now brought to you the ICEPEAK 3.

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