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Windtech Zenith

Windtech ParaglidersSource: Windtech Paragliders
October 13, 2009

Windtech introduces its latest LTF 2 / EN C class glider, The Zenith. The Zenith is a Sport intermediate wing rated EN C for the ambitious XC pilots searching for glide and speed without compromising safety.

It replaces the Tecno, but maintains the same famous handling and stability in accelerated flight meanwhile the glide and speed is simple amazing for its class.

Many new features are reveled here: 3 risers, a record in line consumption, a high arch giving more pressure and tuck resistance, trapezoidal leading edge entries and an aspect ratio of 6, with a new profile to enhance an accurate handling to get the most out of weak days and poor thermals.

For sure you will be at the bubble's peak when flying a Zenith from Windtech.

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