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Airwave Rodeo

Windtech ParaglidersSource: Airwave Gliders
October 13, 2009

The Rodeo is a mini glider designed for high wind soaring and fun ground handling sessions. It’s fast, fun and your perfect companion on a windy dune. This glider is basically an advanced speedflyer with increased performance.

As our sport expands and branches out in new
and exciting directions, Airwave have been keen but careful to embrace them. High wind soaring is a clear and definite new direction that opens up a wealth of opportunities to get our feet off the ground and the wind literally whistling through our ears. The Rodeo is built for those of us that love that raw feeling of speed. Unlike speed riding wings the Rodeo is a mini glider. If it was a normal sized wing it would be a cool LTF 1-2 glider, but as it is so much smaller than a standard wing, it is much nippier with agile, responsive handing to match. The Rodeo’s tiny size also makes it a great choice for super light pilots – from 40 kg upwards! The Rodeo is 17.5 m2, made from strong standard weight fabrics and rips along at 45 km/h with a 75 kg pilot.

Projected Area
15.05 sq. meters
Flat Area
17.53 sq. meters
Glider Weight
4.0 kg
Total Line Length
297 m
5.42 m
No. of Main Lines
3/4/3 A/B/C/D
Flat Aspect Ratio
Root Chord
2.29 m
Weight Range
40-110 kg
Trim Speed
45 km/h
Top Speed
55 km/h
Min Sink
1.3 m/s
Best Glide

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