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Windtech Impulse

Windtech ParaglidersSource: Windtech Paragliders
October 13, 2009

Introducing Windtech's latest EN A class glider, the Impulse. Windtech states that the Impulse inherits many of the characteristics of its well known intermediate, The Zephyr. This Zephyr's baby sister has only 3 risers, a high arch vault, very few line consumption and a great inflation. It has improved the flight behavior of its predecessors. It is faster and more solid in turbulent air and inflates in no-wind conditions very easy without tendency to overshoot the pilot even when the wind starts to pick up. It has massive brake travel and is very forgiving even when flying with the strongest thermals.

This great design has placed the Impulse in the top of its class in terms of performance and safety. It is built with the most durable materials for improved longenvity

Finally, new pilots and pilots looking for great passive safety can find a product that has a better glide, a better speed and a more precise handling than any other certified EN A glider or similar.

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