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Josh Cohn wins Paragliding World Cup in Chelan

July 25th, 2010

Congratulations to Eagle Team Pilot Josh Cohn who won 1st place at the 2010 Paragliding World Cup event held in Chelan, Washington on his new Niviuk Icepeak 4 NS. Josh is the 1st American pilot to win a PWC event since the late Scotty Marion won PWC Japan in 2003. American pilot Nick Greece, the editor of USHPA magazine, raced his way to 2nd place in Chelan.

(L to R) Nick Greece, Josh Cohn, Yasushi Kobayashi

Final Results
Complete Results

Chelan dished up 6 days of excellent conditions, with 4 tasks of over 100km. The Chelan PWC event followed the Chelan XC Open, which was the 1st event in the US Nationals Series. The Chelan XC Open had 5 flyable days out of 6. With only one rest day between competitions, most pilots who flew both comps were happy to get day 4 blown out due to high winds. After the rest day, the task committee called a 154km task that tested the endurance of all the pilots as most of it was flown into the wind. The Winner of Task 4 was US Pilot Jack Brown with a time of 6 hours 18 minutes.

Congratulations to Team Niviuk for their 3rd place finish in the team results!

(L to R) Matt Beechinor, Brad Gunnuscio, Cherie Silvera, Josh Cohn

The Top 15 pilots from the Chelan PWC will qualify for the PWC Superfinal in Denizli, Turkey from September 21 through October 2nd. You can check for Superfinal results at

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