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Eagle Paragliding Twitter Updates

Eagle Paragliding has two Twitter Accounts:

EaglePG is our account for news and website updates.

PARAGLIDE is our account for updates to our FLYING SCHEDULE.

Eagle Paragliding is posting updates to our flying schedule on Twitter. You can even get a text message of our schedule the minute we post to our website! So, if we are meeting somewhere to fly, you will know the minute we decide what time to meet with a text message sent to your phone. We will only be posting updates to twitter for mountain flying and ridge soaring. We won't be posting our daily schedule for the training hill. If you want to receive text message updates of the Eagle Schedule, you need to:

1. Sign Up for a Twitter Account
2. Follow the username PARAGLIDE
3. Enable Text Messaging on your mobile phone
4. Select mobile phone updates from our account

Here is the step by step process:

1. sign up for a twitter account.

2. Next, you need to follow us. Our username is PARAGLIDE. Go to the "Find People" search toolbar and search for PARAGLIDE. When you are at our page, you need to click the "Follow" button which looks like this:

3. Once you are following us, you need to enable Text Messaging. Go to the settings menu, which should be a drop down box in the upper right part of your twitter home page. Once you are in settings, you need to select "Mobile". You need to go through the process of verifying your phone number. This should involve entering your mobile phone number, and sending a text message to Twitter. Once your mobile phone is verified, go to step 4 below...

4. Now that you are following us, and your mobile phone is set up to accept tweets, you need to go back to Eagle's profile (PARAGLIDE) and click on the profile link ont he top right part of the page (it should look like the silhouette of a person's head and shoulders). Next, click on "Turn on mobile notifications". You will now receive our tweets to your mobile phone.

You can test to see if it works by sending a text to Twitter's number, which is 40404, and typing in GET PARAGLIDE. This will send you our latest Tweet.

If your phone is off and you think you missed our tweet for the morning, you can always request our latest tweet, by doing this test.

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