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2011 Valle Tour Pics

We will be posting photos from our Valle tour on this page from January 15th through the 29th!

January 24th - This was the 2nd day of the 2nd tour. We've continued to have no clouds, but the weather has been great. Light winds today kept the air organized. We were getting to 11,000 feet today. Tony, who is a P2 with about 6 hours of flying flew for 2 1/2 hours today and could have made it to the lake, but the water level is too high, making the LZ very small. We also had the classic Valle glass off today with people getting to 9,000 feet in super bouyant air and gliding to the Penon.

January 22nd - The 1st tour departed today and the instructors got a chance to free fly. Although it was a blue thermal day, we got over 13,000 feet and hit the Monarca turnpoint.

Can you see the glider?

This was taken earlier this week. Chip took Pete on an XC tandem flight to the lake.

January 20th - We've been way too busy to post photos the last few days. We got to 13,000 feet today and Chip and Ty flew to the lake. Check some photos from the last few days!

January 15th - These 2 photos were taken today. It was a warm up day as the clients arrive tonight. Flew from launch to Penon to Crazy Thermal, then over the flats to Llano. Cloudbase was at about 10,000 feet. Very unstable day with strong lift (1200 f/m on the mesa and light lift (600 f/m) in the flats. Yesterday, Cloudbase was higher at about 11,500 feet. People on launch were saying that these have been the best conditions in the last month.

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