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Niviuk Icepeak 5

Niviuk LogoJanuary 22, 2011
Source: Niviuk Gliders

Niviuk has announced the imminent arrival of their new high performance competition wing, the Icepeak 5. There have been numerous prototypes, and many hours of test flying. But finally Niviuk's designer and R&D team, as well as the Niviuk Team pilots, have produced a wing which they are certain will be the wing of reference in this new and exciting competition season.

The new Icepeak 5 has an impressive profile, a majestic silhouette, and a soft and precise handling. The new technological improvements, STE, SLE, DPE, a two liner with only 200 meters of lines, the best materials used and the final tuning, among other advances built into the Icepeak 5 gives it a unique character that will be highly appreciated by competition pilots of every level.

The Icepeak 5 boasts an exceptional level of passive safety, being stable in turbulent conditions, whilst maintaining its excellent performance in speed and glide.

The Icepeak 5 has successfully passed the load and impact tests and it is already in production at the factory, so it will have it available during the months of March and April.

The ease with which the Icepeak 5 flies makes it a wing that will be flown not only by Niviuk Team pilots but also for all Open class competition pilots that will have at their disposal this superb and prodigious wing.


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