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UP Edge XR performs in Colombia

UP LogoDate: January 22, 2011
Source: UP Paragliders

UP's new designer, Franti Pavlousek, has developed a 2 liner competition glider that has some pilots raising their eyebrows after its performance in Colombia. The new glider is called the Edge XR and based on the pilots that flew it in Colombia, it is a very stable glider with great performance.

Brad Gunnuscio took 2nd place on the Edge XR at the Roldanillo Paragliding Open 2 weeks ago. Here is a picture of Brad flying on his Edge XR:

Here is what Brad had to say about the glider in an email to Mads Syndergaard:

Hey guys sorry I haven't been in touch, no Internet at my hotel and was busy kicking some butt! :) The trimmers need to be beefed up, they are very important to fly that wing using the trimmers for slow climbs and for good glides. Let me know what you come up with.. but other than that I love the wing, thank you for getting it to me in time,

I will try to find some good pics from the Podium and get them to you asap! I have many people coming up and checking my wing out on launch and saying they are going to get one!! I hope I can help you sell a lot of wings!!"

About the wing; It is amazingly safe! I haven't had one single collapse yet!! I see lots of other wings taking collapses and I haven't had a single collapse! So happy to have such a safe wing that flies super slow and super fast!! Climbs like crazy and is just a pleasure to fly!! I think you guys have outdone yourselves with this!! Keep it up!! Thanx again guys we will chat soon!"

Our Danish friend, and one of the coolest guys in the paragliding comp scene, Marcus Malmqvist is also flying the Edge XR. He won task 6 at the Colombian PWC, which finished yesterday. Here is what Marcus had to say to Mads...

Hi Mads,

Just made it back to my hotel here in Colombia, where the 1st PWC 2011 has just finished after 6 days of epic flying.

And I was number 1 in goal today!!! Isn’t that crazy!?! My overall ranking is something like top 40 I think (it turned out to be 30th - quite acceptable!). So maybe not so impressive. But then again. In this company I am just an intermediate pilot. And still I was so fast.

I am so happy that you guys at UP let me fly this fantastic weapon. I feel so safe (had not had one single collapse for two weeks of comps, with flying every single day) and the wing really let me be right there where it happens. Sure we are going to see many good results from this wing in the future.

A happy Marcus

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