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Niviuk Takoo 2 Now Available

Niviuk LogoFebruary 5, 2011
Source: Niviuk Gliders

The Takoo 2 is finally here. We have waited impatiently for this glider to be released, and Niviuk has now informed us that it is has been certified and is ready to be put into production. We are expecting the first batch to be ready to ship the 4th week of February, but this may change.

What are the notable improvements from the original Takoo? The Takoo 2 has 22% less total lines. The total line length on the 42 meter size has been reduced from 558 meters to 431 meters. The number of lines has decreased from 340 to 210. Although we havent seen the line plan yet, Niviuk also says that there are more glider attachment points, improving the loading and pressure on the glider. Rigifoil in the leading edge (SLE technology) make the glider much easier to inflate during launching. Rigifoil in the trailing edge (STE technology) are the same technology used in the Icepeak and Peak series gliders.


*custom colors are also available


Size 39 42
No. of Cells 52 52
No. of closed cells 6 6
No. of boxed cells 25 25
Flat Area (m2) 39 42
Flat Span (m) 14.51 15.06
Flat Aspect Ratio 5.4 5.4
Projected Area (m2) 33.3 35.84
Projected Span (m) 11.44 11.87
Projected Aspect Ratio 3.93 3.93
Flattening (%) 15 15
Maximum Cord (m) 3.4 3.52
Minimum Cord (m) 0.7 0.72
Average Cord (m) 2.7 2.6
Total Lines (m) 416 431
Line Height (m) 8.52 8.84
No. of Lines 210 210
Main Lines 3/3/4/2 3/3/4/2
Number of Risers A/B/C/D A/B/C/D
Trimmers 125 125
Accelerator NO NO
Big Ear Lock System YES YES
Minimum in flight Weight (kg) 110 130
Maximum in flight Weight (kg) 190 220
Glider weight (kg) 8.6 8.8
Certification In process B

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