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Niviuk Artik 3

October 3, 2011
Source: Niviuk Gliders

We are pleased to announce the release of the Artik 3. This glider is sure to be groundbreaking in the EN C class as was its predecessor, the Artik 2. What differences can you look for in the new glider? Here we go:

-3 liner Total amount of lines have been reduced from 224 pieces on the Artik 2 to only 134 pieces on the Artik 3! Total line length on the size 25 has been reduced from 298 meters to 263 meters on the Artik 3. This is a 11.7% reduction in total line length, and is among the lowest total line length in its class. The result of all this is less drag, which means a better glide ratio and more speed on bar...oh yeah, and less noise too.

-Glider weight has been reduced by 0.6kg in each size. Part of this is due the significant amount of line reduction, but the weight of the leading edge has been reduced, so this glider is going to be so easy to inflate.

-Aspect Ratio has been increased from 5.8 to 5.9, which is right around other gliders in its class.

-New Graphics...are Niviuk's horns cool or what?!?! They added another accent stripe to the horn on the Artik 3, which has been taken from the Icepeak 5 design.

Available Colors:

Technical Data:

More information on the Artik 3 available at

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