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Niviuk Hamak 2

Niviuk LogoDate: November 4, 2011
Source: Niviuk Gliders

Niviuk has announced the release of the Hamak 2, an intermediate harness.

The Hamak 2 is very similar to its predecessor, the Hamak (1), but with several improvements. The all-round Niviuk harness has evolved, updated with the most technological advanced materials, more resistant and lighter, with automatic buckles. The intuitive adjustments allow piloting of the wing in a fully upright position, a slightly upright position, or in a totally supine position for cross country flights. The high comfort level of the Hamak 2 allows the pilot to focus on the control and precision of flying, no more aches, pains and distractions.


   Small: 1.52 m to 1.69 m / 4'12" to 5'6"
   Medium: 1.70 m to 1.84 m / 5'7" to 6'0"
   Large: 1.85 m to 1.98 m / 6'1" to 6'6"

   5.6 kg (Harness and protection, size M).

- Comfortable with easily adjustable positioning.
- Aerodynamic neoprene skirt.
- Easy shoulder and leg adjustments.
- Two buckle security
- Large dorsal storage area with inner radio / drinking water bladder pocket.
- 2 zipped pockets on each side of the harness
- Optimum reserve position extraction system (Certified EN - LTF)
- Neoprene improves not only the aerodynamics, it allows easy access to the lateral adjustment straps.
- Mesh On all the components, which are in contact with the pilot allowing superior comfort and excellent ventilation.
- Certification EN – LFT: PH 017-2001
- 17 cm EN certified back protection.
- Color: Black/Green/White
- Removable and adjustable foot rest.
- Elastic string for retracting the speed bar.
- Harken pulleys to offer less effort and more fluidity when using the speed bar.
- Visible rings to attach ballast, cockpit instruments or towing bridle.
- "Y" Risers for rescue.

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