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GPSDump Waypoint Tutorial for Flytec 6015

This tutorial will explain how to create a waypoint using Google Earth, which will allow you to insert that waypoint into GPS Dump, where you can then upload the waypoint(s) to your Flytec 6015. The links to all of the resources you need are below the video. Mac Users: The link to GPS dump for Mac is below the video. You should also read the discussion thread in Paragliding Forum, the link for which is below as well.

Flytec 6015
GPSDump for PC
GPSDump for MAC
Paragliding Forum: GPSDump for MAC?
Google Earth

Once you watch the video, you should be able to create a waypoint, put it into GPS Dump, and upload it to your 6015. If you are going to a new flying site, or want to create waypoints for your local flying site, you will be able to use them while flying. In the Flytec 6015, you will be able to use the waypoint as a "go to" point, and your instrument will tell you what glide ratio you need to make it to your waypoint. If there is one designated landing zone in your area, you can program that waypoint as your destination, and you will always know what glide ratio you need to make it to your landind zone. As you get lower, the L/D required to make it to your landing zone increases, and you will need to start thinking about when you want to make your move towards the landing zone.

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