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Award Winning Instruction

Dixon White's DVD Training Series

Dixon White's Paragliding DVD Training Series

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Meet the Eaglets

Eagle Paragliding Rookies 

We have been busy instructing a brand New Flock of Eaglets. Meet the new and continuing Eagle Pilots. Watch them go from the training hill to the mountains for their first high flights, and join Eagle on Paragliding Tours and Paragliding Clinics around the world.

Instructor of the year honor

Eagle Paragliding's chief Instructor Rob Sporrer received USHPA's Instructor of the Year Award in 2002. Every year USHPA issues the award to the person making the biggest contributions to our sport in the United States.

Paragliding Equipment Discounts

Eagle Paragliding offers students a 10% discount on a new paraglider when the wing is purchased before their third day of training. Pilots have a good idea if they wish to continue after the two day program. All fees for theTwo Day Paragliding Lesson are applied to the Novice Training Program. Pilots can take advantage of saving on gear by purchasing their gear before day three.

Student pilots need to realize if they purchase gear and are unhappy with any piece of equipment we will allow you to swap it out down the road. Obviously if you use your harness for a few months and then decide you want an upgrade we will charge you some depreciation. We don’t want you to worry about being stuck with any gear you decide to purchase early in your training it get the discount. We will allow you to change your mind if you are having a problem with any part of your gear.

Some people may feel using our equipment to train during the Novice Program is a good idea since they will not be depreciating their own equipment. This is a good point if their area you train in is hard on equipment. We are lucky to have a training hill which is easy on gear.

We want our student pilots to get a feel for their own wing and harness. It’s better for student pilots to use the gear they will be using on their first high flights or ridge soaring flights. We would rather have you accustomed to your own gear for your first mountain launches instead of having a better feel for the wing you were training on at the hill.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding equipment. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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