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The Art of Paragliding

The Art of Paragliding Book by Dennis Pagen

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Thermal Flying Book

Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens Covershot Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens Covershot
Looking to improve your cross country flying skills? Thermal Flying by Burkhart Martens is the bible when it comes to XC Flying.

the Art of paragliding

This book is great for both beginner and intermediate pilots. A huge portion of this book came right from our syllabus. Dennis Pagen used Airplay Paragliding as the main consultant on the book. We spent a great deal of time editing and changing certain sections. Airplay and Eagle Paragliding have now merged. The two were sister schools teaching the exact same training program years before the first edition was printed. There are always new techniques and information being developed and discovered, but most of the information in this book will stand the test of time. We were fortunate that Dennis took the time to write this book. It's perfect for us since it is written from our program, and available all over the world. We supplement this book with our own student training manual. Our student manual has detailed information which goes beyond the scope of the book. We suggest you order The Art of Paragliding if your curious about paragliding, or are interested in becoming a pilot.

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