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Eagle Paragliding in the New York Times
Article written by pilot who trained with Eagle Paragliding Follow along as Award Winning Instructor Rob Sporrer, takes New York Times writer & paragliding newbie Bill Becher to school. >>> Read More

Student Testimonials

See what some of our students have said about us on our Paragliding Testimonials page.

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Eagle Paragliding organizes paragliding tours for all pilots of all skill levels Be sure to check our Paragliding Events Calendar to reserve space on one of our unprecedented tours. We bring pilots of all skill levels to flying destinations which span the globe. Our large staff of the nations top pilots and instructors provide unmatched service. Find out more about our Paragliding Tours

Paragliding Forums

Santa Barbara Paragliding and Hangliding Forum

The SCPA and SBSA now have one discussion board. The flight discussion board is for pilots to post comments or details about flights and other information. These discussions are a great way for new pilots to educate themselves about paragliding. The flight discussion board is a great way for pilots to discover if their weather predictions on a particular day were accurate. Practice reading the weather data on the internet every morning. Even if you aren't able to get away and fly, you can still try to figure out what you think the day will be like for flying. You can check the posts in the evening and see how pilots did on the day and see if the sites you thought would be good to fly were in fact working. Did pilots get as high as you thought they would? Did the wind direction and velocity do what you thought it would? The discussion will give you the answers to the day most of the time where you can see if you are on track with your weather analysis. Pilots are encouraged not to discuss flying into clouds or anything else illegal on the board. Flying into clouds is illegal.

The web site also has a General discussion board, which is for topics which relate to paragliding, but are not actual descriptions of flights. Pilots talk about other flying sites, events, and anything else they want the community to discuss or be aware of relating to flying. Be sure you post your topics to the correct discussion board.

Other forums on the web have pilots from all over the country and overseas posting with questions and remarks related to flying.

Other Forums:
The best English language paragliding forum on the web.

Powered Paragliding Forum
English language forum for powered paragliding enthusiasts.

Ojo Volador Paragliding Forum
The most popular Spanish language forum on the web.

The forum of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.

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