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   Epic 2nd Round at US Paragliding Nationals
   Brad Gunnuscio Crowned 2009 US PG Champion
   Honza Gets 3rd at 2009 Red Bull X-Alps
   Nick Greece Sending in XContest
   Flytec Unveils Affordable Vario/GPS Unit - 6015
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   Airwave Tandem
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   Kari Castle Owens Valley Clinic
   SIV / Maneuvers Clinics - SOLD OUT!!!
   ITP Instructors Certification Clinic
   Tandem Clinic
   Dean Stratton Thermal XC Clinic

header-owens valley clinic
Join Eagle Paragliding's Fall Owens Valley Clinic with Kari Castle October 9th through 11th. Eagle's Spring 2009 Owens Valley Clinic saw excellent conditions, and once again had many personal bests. Arnie Frankenberger broke last year’s clinic record by flying 62.5 miles south from Flynn’s. We will be back in the Owens doing another clinic from October 9th through 11th. If you want to start flying XC, the Owens Valley is an outstanding place to improve your skills. The entire Valley is an LZ, and the highway that splits the two ranges makes for an easy retrieve.

Here are some posts from SA, and tour participants on this Spring's clinic:

"Today is Monday and I feel like a stranger to my old life. On Friday I was a different man than the one I am today. What happened, you might ask? I was transported to a new life, with new meaning and values. The trip was only 40 miles or so. It took two flights and about 6 hours. Those flights seem tangibly small, but my spirit went on a much longer journey. It visited the Inyo, which in Paiute means “The dwelling place of the great spirit.”........ Read More about our Spring 2009 Owens Valley Clinic

owens valley clinic  owens valley clinic

To reserve your spot in the October Owens Valley Clinic, visit our online store.


header-Valle De Bravo Mexico Tours

Escape to Mexico this January for guaranteed flying every day. The size and experience of our staff is unmatched. Team fly with the best instructors and the nation’s top pilots. We fly cross country solo and tandem, getting you the experience and knowledge to get you to the next level. Read the details on the 2010 Eagle Paragliding Valle De Bravo Tours.

Read the testimonial of tour participant Robb Milley.

Valle Image 1 Valle Image 2 Valle Image 3 Valle Image 4

Valle De Bravo Tour Week 2 Video
Valle De Bravo Tour Week 1 Video


header-US Paragliding Nationals

Seven amazing days were given to the pilots who made it for Round 2 of the US Paragliding Nationals over The Wasatch in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We flew over 500km during the week, and averaged over 72km per day.  There is something magical about getting to race every day of a comp. This competition gave pilots the opportunity to explore some amazing places tucked up into the Wasatch. Crossing over Lone Peak was spectacular.

The task calling couldn’t have been better.  Although, some wanted shorter tasks as they were grinded down to a fine powder towards the end of the week.  The opportunity presented itself to explore the entire range, Bill Belcourt and the rest of the sages on the committee didn’t let it slip away. So much so that we broke the out and return state distance record with three lone Eagle Team Pilots coming into goal.  Josh Cohn took that one, and his flying was truly inspiring all week.  Brad was next in, and Pete Schaefer slowed his roll and found a final climb that put him into goal while eleven before him didn’t have the altitude to hit the launch turn point before gliding to goal at the school. Nice one Pete, and good job getting in the top 10 overall!

US PG Nats image 1 US PG Nats image 2

We flew South and our Danish Eagle & UP team pilot Mads Syndergaard from Denmark took the deep line and slipped away on a serious solo mission. He pushed hard and turned very little, landing at goal 23 minutes before Josh and the posse arrived. There we so many guys flying amazing all week. Mads won the other task we flew south as well by almost 9 minutes. Thank goodness the wind starting blowing from the other direction, and we started flying north, otherwise Mads would have likely continued taking us to school on that route. Nate was charging super hard as he has been since the 90’s. That guy is so fun to fly with, and you know you’re in the right place when you catch up with him and get to laugh your way to the top of a ripping thermal with him. Matt Beechinor (aka “Farmer”) keeps getting it done day after day. He is the model of consistency and as at the worlds, Farmer was the top finishing American consistently finding the line and success. Eagle Team Pilots continued to dominate the podium, and 7 out of the top 10 were Eagle Team Pilots.

Eagle Team Pilot Johnny Van Duzer took home the trophy for Serial Class Champion, and if I’m not mistaken this is a three-peat for his third title in a row. Johnny is always at or near the front of the pack, and makes that Trango 3 go better than some of the comp wings. Johnny is never one to follow, and always seems to pick a solid line, maybe that’s why he continues to crush.

Jochen Rink took the Sport Class by over 1000 points. This guy will be one to watch out for in the years to come if he doesn’t get ahead of himself. He was flying with the leaders all week.

The Eagle women represented as well with Cherie Silvera and Melanie Pfister tracking first and second overall in the Women’s Class. Cheri has been racing for a long time, and it was good to see here kick butt. Melanie had some really impressive finishes in Europe this Summer.

What an amazing week. Big thanks to Mark Gaskill for doing a fantastic job as Meet Director. Everything was very organized, and everybody was pretty happy. Lots of folks wanted me to thank Brad for getting the strippers to unfold gliders on launch. Josh Waldrop handled his Launch Director job like a pro, and set a really sweet vibe at launch with no major launch incidents the whole week. Big Thanks to LE Herrick, Marge Variano, and the rest of the chase crew. There were so many people that volunteered to help at this event. Chris Hunlow opened up his house for HQ, Alejandro, Evo, Zac, and all the other drivers and people that helped are what make these events possible. Will Gadd talked about “The Collective” up at the Canadian Nationals a couple summers back. Everybody helps out to make these events possible. I wish to express my gratitude to all of the folks who volunteered their week to gift the pilots an amazing week.

US PG Nats Results Top 10
view complete results at www.flyxc.org


US National Champion
Brad Gunnuscio on the PodiumThis year it was decided that we would name the 2009 US National Paragliding Champion over two events.  Last year, the Nationals in the Owens Valley only had two days of flying, and we wanted to be sure there were more tasks counted in naming the champion.  Jugdeep Aggarwal held the first round of the US PG Nationals at Dunlap in California.  It was an amazing week of flying, and combining those scores with the Utah scores gave us a very valid point total to crown Brad Gunnuscio the 2009 US National Paragliding Champion.  The combined scoring was set so that we would drop 1 out of every 4 tasks which scored at least 900 points.  This was to promote racing, and has been done all over the world at different competitions for years.  We would also count the rest of the scores which were not 900 point days, and there would be no discards for these days.  We are still working out the wrinkles with the scoring, but should have a better idea on how it will all work for the next go round. After all was said and done, Brad Gunnuscio was Overall US National Champion, Eric Reed was second, and Nick Greece took 3rd.  Eric finished second at the first round in Dunlap, and the Badger is always in the money.  This guy just continues to win year in and year out.  I think we need to do an interview and get inside the mind of the Badger for our next newsletter.  Nick Greece gets some much deserved podium time.  He has been right there so many times, and had one day of an event drop him off the podium.


2009 X-Alps
Honza Rejmanek gets 3rd at X-AlpsBig Congratulations to American Honza Rejmanek for taking third and getting the podium time we predicted in our summer newsletter. Honza is already talking about the race in 2011. Christian Maurer dominated the race, and Alex Hofer came in second. The real race was for third place. The world watched as Honza battled British pilot Aidan Toase, as well as Russian pilot Evgeny Gryaznov for third place. It came down to the wire at the end. Honza got to enjoy his final flight knowing he had taken third place. Honza wanted me to thank everyone who supported him and his crew Dave Hanning by donating to the cause. We will try and get an interview with Honza to share his X-Alps experience with us. He is very busy catching up on his PHD program at UC Davis. However, he did have time to fly around lake Tahoe between classes. Have a look at his track log.

Athlete Country Time Distance
1 Christian Maurer Switzerland 9 Days 23:54 818 km
2 Alex Hofer Switzerland 11 Days 09:18 818 km
3 Honza Rejmanek USA 11 Days 23:54 672 km

Go to www.redbullxalps.com for complete coverage


Nick Greece Sending
Nick Greece So our USHPA magazine editor Nick Greece is a pretty sick bird. He almost left paragliding after only a year to follow a career as a rapper, and is almost famous on the East Coast for laying it down.  Luckily, he chose flying. He was 3rd overall at the combined US nationals, and has always been a steady performer at competitions.  He had a pretty great season cracking off three flights over 100 miles, and he was also part of the group that flew over 100 miles in the Owens before the 2008 US Nationals.  I’ve yet to fly the 100 miler, and Nick is making me feel pretty soft.

One of this year's 100+ mile flights was at Piedrahita in Spain during a competition.  This will be the site of the 2011 Paragliding World Championships.  They cancelled the task and Nick just kept on flying because it looked safe and fun and he was right.  The other two long flights were in Jackson Hole over some fairly committed terrain. 

Pretty cool that our magazine editor can send it with the best of them.  Nick is always trying to spread news about all good things and cool stuff, and what better way to get the word out about www.XContest.org than to be winning. He is top dog in United States competition. Nick likely has 2009 wrapped up as US Champ since we are getting close to  the end of the season.

XContest quickly became the world’s biggest worldwide XC online systems in 2007. They have made it pretty easy to download your flights and they have a great many cool features.  Nick has inspired me to sign up and participate.  Now all I have to do is fly 100 miles.

View the details of Nick's 208km flight from Piedrahita


header-Flytec 6015
Flytec 6015

Introducing the new Flytec 6015 variometer. Ther perfect vario for the intermediate xc pilot.

  • Integrated super sensitive 20 channel GPS
  • Automatic tracklog recording up to 50 flights and 291 hrs
  • Return to last thermal pointer
  • Track compass with wind speed and direction
  • Scrolling vario graph
  • Digital airspeed display when used with optional HG or PG sensor
  • Ground speed & Wind speed & Wind Direction
  • 3D track log (IGC  format)
  • Automatic flight start and stop detection
  • 50 flight logbook
  • 20,000 track log points
  • Flight memory data maintained if batteries are removed
  • Navigation track compass 
  • Return to last thermal pointer
  • Glide Ratio
  • Current position display
  • Up to 300 waypoints and 1 route (option)
  • Size: 5-3/8" x 2-7/8" x 13/16" (138 x 74 x 23 mm)
  • Weight: 6.3 oz.(182 g) including batteries without clamp
  • Optional scratch resistant display face available
  • Battery life over 40 hours on 2 AA (included) or 10 years in standby mode.
  • Continual display of battery status in run mode and in start-up sequence
The 6015 Vario should be available for purchase very soon. Please check the news section of our website in the coming weeks if you are interested in purchasing this vario. You can email us now to pre-order this product.


header-UP Trango XC UP Trango XC

After a decade of class-defining performance, the Trango family is ready for the next incarnation – and this time UP's got something very special in store for you! Made to take the word ‘performance’ to the next level, this is THE wing for XC and Serial Class competition hounds.
UP Trango XC – the best performing certified wing, this thoroughbred 3-line race machine makes fast flying easy, and has the feel and the handling to help the pilot centre lift fast every time. We call it SENSATIONAL BALANCE

A true 3-liner is a wing that has only A, B and C line attachments on the canopy - just like the UP Edge, just like the new Trango XC. The advantages are obvious, with lines meaning drag, and less drag equalling more performance. On the new Trango XC the 3-line concept has been enhanced with the second generation of the UP Pitch trimmers, where the entire airfoil is changed when the trimmers are applied, so that although the wing is slowed down in climbing mode its near-perfect stalling characteristics don't change at all! The brake travel even remains the same!

Highlights of the UP Trango XC

  • True 3-liner - less drag, more performance, more fun
  • New risers designed in conjunction with the comp prototype risers - efficient and easy speed increase at at your feet
  • 2nd generation Pitch Trimmers - slow down the airfoil in lift without compromising slow flight feel. Also handy for tight landings
  • New wingtips - better handling, gentle stall characteristics and reduced induced drag
  • New canopy camber - tips are higher in relation to canopy center compared to recent UP wings. This makes for higher projected aspect ratio, and has allowed us to go reduce the flat area of the wing for the same weight ranges
  • Rounded cell openings - improves the inflation and strengthens the leading edge for increased tuck resistance
  • Full race line concept - all lines made from unsheathed Aramide
  • 2nd generation Airfoil Stabilising System in the leading edge. Straight from the competition prototypes, this UP innovation keeps the leading edge shape with NO MYLAR inserts, and allows pilots the performance and stability of comparable Mylar leading edges without the hassle of accordion folding, and with no risk of cravattes
  • Partial Brakeline Tensioning System - the UP BTS is employed for most of the trailing edge, in the middle the brake lines are moved forward from the trailing edge to improve canopy definition and control
  • SpaceFrame Concept - no rigid or semi-rigid Mylar inserts in the canopy design, all shapes are maintained with carefully calculated pull only, just like in a Space Frame

This all translates to a new performance wing like no other. It launches better than most school wings, it handles like a hot knife in butter, it has a high top speed of 57km/h and it remains very stable all the way up there. Add to this the directional stability at speed and the very docile behavior when the going gets rough, and you have the perfect tool for going far, fast.

We expect to begin delivery of the M size in December 2009, with the other sizes to follow shortly thereafter.

Trango XC Tecnical specs

Flat Area
Projected Area
Flat Span
Projected Span
Flat AR
Projected AR
Load-bearing ribs
Total line length incl. brakes
Number of lines incl. brakes
Line dimensions
LTF Category
EN Category
Start weight min/max


header-Airwave Tandem
Airwave Tandem The Airwave TANDEM glider has a huge trim range as well as a large weight range, making this tandem the most versatile on the market. The huge trim range through positive and negative trimmer setting means that the tandem can both fly very fast as well as super slow. The LTF measured a top speed of 52km/h at the top weight of 220kg, and the glider still received an LTF1-2 even at this high speed and top end weight. Even at low speeds the TANDEM is amazingly versatile. At 130kg with trimmers full slow (this is usually not done!) the tandem still retained such good handling that it received the LTF1-2.

The wing is lighter than all previous Airwave tandems at just 8.6kg and is the best launching tandem we have ever made. The TANDEM is available in 3 colors.

More information


header-Niviuk Speedarms
Niviuk Speedarms The Niviuk Speedarms have been designed and made using the same textile material as that used in the professional cycling environment around the world. This proven, hard wearing and practical material is produced in Italy by a manufacturer who has one of the best reputations in the world for producing high quality clothing for the sport of cycling.

Composition of the speedarms:
- 80% Polyamide
- 20% Elastane
- 190g/m2

The composition of this material has been developed not only for its comfort and hard wearing properties but also for its high ELASTICITY which will allow the pilot flexibility and comfort when deciding which clothes (warm or cold) are to be worn underneath.

- A full length zipper which when fully closed is protected and locked, which protects your face, neck and helmet from direct contact with the zipper.
- Specifically tailored to allow maximum movement and elasticity whilst providing the best aerodynamic advantage. This aerodynamic advantage also extends right down to the cuffs of the sleeve were you will find a thumb inserts, allowing a secure seal between sleeve and gloves.
- Materials are UV50+ tested and the logos are UV 40/50+ tested. Logos have been applied using the sublimation process, ensuring bonding to the speedarm material and therefore long lasting high quality markings.
- To maintain a secure fit around the hips the speedarms have a grip band, which prevents the speedarms riding up and allows them to stay comfortably in place place.
- To ensure the correct fitting and to suit a wide range of weight and/or heights, 3 sizes are available:

- Size S : =1.60m – 60kg (5'3" - 132lbs)
- Size M : =1.75m – 75kg (5'9"- 165lbs)
- Size L : =1.85m – 85kg (6'3" - 187lbs)

For more information, view the Niviuk Speedarms in our Online Store.


header-Dixon White Memorial Fly In

Dixon White TeachingThe 4th Dixon White Memorial Fly in is going to happen October 23-25th.

Join Eagle Paragliding and Northern Arizona Paragliding.

Come and celebrate the life of our great friend and mentor at the place he loved the most. $70 Donation goes toward putting on this event, road maintenance and Property taxes. You will get all the rides up the hill we can muster, Dinner Parties Fri. nd Sat. a T-shirt and snacks during the day. Local Crater pilots and Eagle paragliding’s Rob Sporrer will guide you through 3 days of fun flying and demonstrations. For directions and meeting times call or email Tanner Patty 928-699-2636   (tannerpatty at msn dot com)
Or check out:  nazpg.blogspot.com


header-Follow Eagle on Twitter
Follow Eagle on Twitter Follow Eagle on Twitter! We will be posting news and flying schedules on our twitter account.


header-UP Lines Safety Notice

UP LogoUP has issued a safety notice on some of the Pico's, Summit XC's, and Trango 3's that were manufactured using Liros Dyneema (Liros DC) lines.

The wings mentioned below use Dyneema lines, known as Liros DC series lines, from the first bifurcation up. In certain cases this has resulted in gliders having changed their launch and flight characteristics, as the C's and D's have shrunk while the A's and B's have maintained their length. The changes have in most cases been subtle (somewhat more sluggish launching and a slightly lower trim speed) but there have also been cases where the changes have been more profound. Our research into the most noticeable cases has shown that gliders exposed to extreme temperatures (like leaving a wing open on hot surfaces/very hot launches, etc.) are most likely to have changed, especially if the glider been flown at a low load (small sizes). It is worth noting here that not only lines suffer from high temperatures, all thermoplastics (including the glider cloth and the thread used to sew wings together) disagree with high temperatures.

For this reason UP International is publishing the following safety notice:

"UP International GmbH recommends all owners of paragliders from the affected production series' (see above) to have their middle and upper Liros DC lines replaced with lines made from Aramide. Owners are supplied with free replacement linesets and are recommended to get in touch with Eagle Paragliding for the replacement line set.

Please note that there is every chance that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your wing - we just want to be on the safe side! If you have felt no changes in behaviour, if your wing is still launching and flying fine, then don't panic! "

The following models and series are affected: 

UP Pico XXXS - Non-certified
UP Pico XXS - Non-certified
UP Pico XS, DHV certification number GS-01-1743-08
UP Pico S, DHV certification number GS-01-1737-08
UP Pico M, DHV certification number GS-01-1744-08
UP Pico L, DHV certification number GS-01-1761-08

Note that only wings from the so-called revision 1 are affected by this safety notice - these may be identified through their serial numbers, for instance Pico M: XA45M-01-... The number marked in bold reveals the revision number, and Picos marked with 02 are NOT affected by this safety notice.

UP Summit XC S, DHV certification number GS-01-1734-08
UP Summit XC SM, DHV certification number GS-01-1733-08
UP Summit XC M, DHV certification number GS-01-1735-08
UP Summit XC L, DHV certification number GS-01-1736-08

Note that only wings from the so-called revision 1 are affected by this safety notice - these may be identified through their serial numbers, for instance Summit XC M: XA45M-01-... The number marked in bold reveals the revision number, and Summit XC's marked with 02 are NOT affected by this safety notice.

UP Trango 3 XS - Non-certified
UP Trango 3 S, DHV certification number GS-01-1632-07
UP Trango 3 SM, DHV certification number GS-01-1633-07
UP Trango 3 M, DHV certification number GS-01-1603-07
UP Trango 3 L, DHV certification number GS-01-1634-07
UP Trango 3 XL - Non-certified

If you purchased your glider in the United States, and your glider applies to this Safety Notice, please CONTACT EAGLE PARAGLIDING as soon as possible.


Paragliding Christmas Gift Ideas
Thermal Flying Book THERMAL FLYING by Burkhart Martens
This book is a must read for pilots who are interested in Cross Country Flying. This 270 Page book explains how and where to search for thermals, how to stay in them, when to leave, and much more. View this product in our online store.
UP's latest balaclava will keep pilots warm in cold weather conditions. Features include the mesh mouth cover, the long neck section that keeps draught at bay, and the flat seems which serve to ensure that the hood remains comfortable beneath your helmet even after many hours in the air. One size fits all. View this product in our online store.
Flying in winter can be great, but only when the fingers aren't coming off. And spring thermals take you higher, where the exact same problems occur - it gets uncomfortably cold for the fingers. View this product in our online store.
Seems like everyone wants one of these hats. Available in the Classic Black (pictured), and the adjustable retro trucker hat. View this product in our online store.
The Niviuk Ergo XC Brake Handle has become a popular accessory for solo pilots and tandem pilots who want a relief from gliders with heavier brake pressure. View this product in our online store.
The Airwave Magic Bag makes folding and packing your paraglider much easier and faster, and helps while packing in high winds. View this product in our online store.
The Woody Valley Flight Deck is top of the line with metal buckles, a neoprene instrument cover. This is a great replacement for older Flight Deck models. View this product in our online store.


header-So Cal XC League
SoCal XC League US Paragliding Champion and Eagle Paragliding Team Pilot Dean Stratton will be organizing grassroots competitions for pilots of all levels. Locations include Marshall, Santa Barbara, Dunlap and The Owens Valley. Here are some 2009 Dates:
  • Owens Valley, CA - October 3rd, 4th & 5th
  • Santa Barbara, CA - Novmber 14th & 15th
For more dates & info, visit usxcleague.com

Upcoming Clinics Header
Owens Valley Clinic


October 9th through October 11th - Owens Valley, California
Improve on your thermaling and cross country flying skills. Owens Valley Clinic information.
SIV Clinics


10/8 - 10/10 - Northern California - SOLD OUT!!!
10/11 - 10/13 - Northern California - SOLD OUT!!!
Maneuvers Clinic information
Instructor Clinic


November 6th through November 8th - Santa Barbara, California
Become a paragliding instructor - Instructor's Certification Clinic information.
Tandem Clinic


November 9th through November 10th - Santa Barbara, California
Become a Tandem Pilot- Tandem Clinic information.
Thermal XC Clinic


December 12th & 13th- Southern California
Thermal XC Clinic information.

Check out Eagle Paragliding's complete Calendar


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