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header-Valle De Bravo Mexico Tours

Tour #1: January 15-22     Tour #2: January 22-29

Our annual Valle De Bravo Paragliding Tours are 10 weeks away. The week long tours will be held the last two weeks of January 2011.  Our 2010 Valle tours ended up a complete success. The Eagle Team makes the trek each January and sets aside two weeks organizing tours to get pilots as much thermaling and cross country experience as they can handle in the most consistent winter time flying location on the planet.


valle de bravo sky


Last year's tours were different than our past seven years of tours in Valle.  We had a huge staff of nine instructors, and the resumes on the Eagle Staff in Valle were thoroughly impressive.  We had two USHPA Instructor of the Year award recipients, the Women’s World Distance Record holder, and the entire U.S. National Team that competed in Valle De Bravo at the World Championships in January 2009.  Each member of our National Team won a day during the ten day World Championship event meaning they were the best in the paragliding world that day.  To sum it up, we were stacked with as much talent as can be expected from a staff of paragliding instructors on a tour.  With a talented staff of this size more than half the group received one on one instruction, and the most any instructor was assigned was two pilots to look after.

Having such a large high caliber staff allowed us to custom tailor the tour to meet each participant’s expectations.  Each staff member asked the pilots they were assigned about their flying goals for the week, and what specifically they wanted out of the trip. Our staff helped these pilots achieve their personal goals.


valle de bravo launch


The flying that the more advanced pilots participating on the tour enjoyed this year was very satisfying to everyone.  Our National Team and the rest of our staff flew these advanced pilots over all of the terrain Valle has to offer on some of the same routes we fly during the annual competitions there.  This was a big goal we had set for ourselves as a staff, and we succeeded in getting the new people a maximum amount of soaring, and the more advanced pilots were challenged with XC routes they couldn’t have ever imagined flying on their own.  There is no turning back for us we will be running our Valle tours in this manner every year after our success in 2010.  These tours are for pilots of any level.  All levels of pilots will be challenged and leave the tour very satisfied.

The tandems were an amazing experience for pilots as well, especially those just starting to push themselves out of their comfort zone starting to fly cross country.  Some pilots realized the benefit of flying tandem with some of the best pilots and instructors in the United States and took advantage by flying a handful of tandems.  We have tandem slots available every day, and it was good to see the tour participants taking advantage, and getting the knowledge from these flights which they could apply to their personal flying.


eagle tour group photo


The Tour cost is $2200.  Your only other expense is your plane ticket, and lunches.  The tours run from Saturday to Saturday.  Last year's tours sold out, and some of the people from the first week were having too much fun, and decided they needed to change their plane ticket and stay an additional week and join us for both tours.  Look at your calendars and save these dates.  A $750 deposit will secure you space.


header-Niviuk Peak 2
Niviuk Peak 2
The many hours of work and development by Niviuk's design team and the many hours of demanding testing by its test pilots has now finished. We are pleased to inform you that the all new Peak 2 has successfully passed every requirement to receive the EN D certification.

With an all new profile we are very excited about this new glider and with its ultra high efficiency, higher glide speed, smooth and improved 100% useable accelerator system, superb climb rate and ability to locate and core thermals the Peak 2 offers pilots the opportunity to fly further than they ever could have imagined.

The ALL NEW PEAK 2 is not simply an update of the original PEAK, it is a totally new glider designed and created using the unique Niviuk philosophy and from a clean drawing board. With a new highly efficient line plan, a new profile and a new AR of 6.61 it brings with it a higher range of speed, a more efficient climb rate and an improved glide ratio. The PEAK was a very hard act to follow but with each new detail the PEAK 2 has done just that.

For more images of the new Niviuk Peak 2, visit the Niviuk Website.

Niviuk Peak 2 Specs


header-UP Xpress

UP Xpress
Introducing UP's microglider, the Xpress. The Xpress is a new kind of wing. Designed with the wing characteristics of yesteryear in mind, but with the most modern technology. It is small, fast and agile. With three sizes to choose from there is an Xpress for all sorts.

UP Xpress Technical Data


header-Niviuk Takoo 2

On September 16 the Coupe Icare returned to St. Hilaire, France. Unfortunately, most of the event was spoiled by rain. On the last day, attendees say the Takoo 2 take the sky. Reports are that the Takoo 2 has battens in the leading edge and trailing edge, which is the same technology used in their Peak 2 and Icepeak 4 gliders. There are no indications of when this glider will be available, but we expect it to be ready by the end of this year, or early next year. In addition to the Takoo 2, Niviuk showcased their new powered paraglider, the "Kougar". Perhaps this glider will attract some middle aged single women in search of young studs to the powered paragliding scene. Additionally, Niviuk announced the development of the "Zion", which is a mini glider that will be available in 15, 17 and 19 meter sizes .

Check out the Coupe Icare Website


header-Woody Valley Accessories
Woody Valley has developed two new harness accessories. Their new Leg Cover is lightweight and fits almost all Woody Valley harnesses. If your Woody Valley harness has the two loop attachments at the end of the seatboard, you can attach this lightweight leg cover to your kit. This leg cover will give your harness a more aerodynamic profile, a little extra warmth, you won't need a stirrup, and your speedbar will always be within reach. This leg cover packs up very compact. You can even fit it in the reversible Voyager Plus with your lightweight glider.

Woody Valley has also created a "Top Pocket" that can be attached to the Voyager Plus reversible harness for extra storage. The Top Pocket can also be worn as a backpack to store instruments and other personal items when you're traveling. The top pocket is large enough to fit a Charly Insider full face helmet.

Woody Valley Top Pocket


Woody Valley Speedbars
Woody Valley has introduced three new speed bars designed for Pods. Whether you like using one foot, two feet, soft steps, rigid steps, Woody Valley has catered to your needs. These speed bars are high quality construction and are built to last. Steel cables reinforced with nylon coating, rigid aluminum steps, and bungees are some of the notable parts. You can check out detailed information on these products in our online store.

Woody Valley Speed Bars


header-Stieglar moves to Airwave
Airwave LogoEarlier this year, Airwave announced that it acquired long-time UP designer and former world champion Stephan Stieglair will to head up Airwave’s R&D team.

Stephan Stieglair With Stephan Stieglair, Airwave has one of the world's premiere designers. Stieglair designed gliders at UP that perform in the top of their class, from school gliders to intermediate to competition gliders. As paraglider pilot, Stephan Stieglair has long been in the hall of fame: apart from the Paragliding World Championship he has won countless World Cup competitions and Austrian National Championships. Even after his official withdrawal from competitions, he is still considered one of the best pilots worldwide.

Airwave Says:
"Stephan Stieglair's proven design skills plus a young and motivated team, which on top was trained by, and had many years experience working with, Bruce Goldsmith. Furthermore Airwave uses the best CAD software and hardware available in the industry and we have our own manufacturers, all adding up to guarantee for highly innovative products of top quality."

With the extension of our design department Airwave has continued a careful restructuring of our company. Our goal has been to form a team of highly motivated specialists, who work hand in hand and have their roots in the vicinity of the company headquarters in the Austrian Stubaital, which results in short distances and determined teamwork. Airwave officially announced the signing of contract with Mario Eder in February. The head of the new Airwave test-pilot team lives and works only a glide's distance away from Stephan Stieglair's home in the Zillertal and 30 minutes from the factory…"


        s New Designer - Pavlousek
After the departure of Stephan Stieglar, UP had been busy restructuring their R&D department. In June, UP announced their new designer to be Mr. Frantisek Pavlousek. 'Franta' has worked with Axis Paragliders of the Czech Republic for a decade, as both the creative spirit behind the wing designs and as production manager. During his studies to become an engineer, Franta was building his first gliders - he now looks back at 20 years of experience as a designer! His vision, when it comes to building gliders, reflects UP’s philosophy: finding the perfect blend between performance, handling and safety for the task at hand. We're very excited to welcome Franta on board and look forward to working with him, designing winners for UP.

Frantisek Pavlousek


header-2010 Chelan US Paragliding Nationals

The first half of the 2010 US Paragliding Nationals took place at Chelan Butte in Washington.  Doug Stroop, Denise Reed, and their dedicated band of volunteers made this an epic event.

We were blessed with 5 great days of flying.  This event was held the week before a Paragliding World Cup event which Doug and Denise wee also putting on at the same location.  This meant that quite a bit of talent was in town competing in our nationals getting ready for the world cup event.

The organizers have been running this competition for years, and their attention to detail and hard work made it the best it could be.  We enjoyed some great flying, and the retrieves were flawless.  Pilots really appreciate everything Doug and Denise form Aerial Paragliding have done over the years to make this event possible.

The conditions were amazing and day after day we raced through the skies over Washington.  Russell Ogden won the competition, and flew amazing all week.  It was very impressive to see Russ fly so well having never flown in the U.S. before.  He demonstrated why his is one of the best in the world.

The top three finishing Americans at this event included Eagle Team pilots John Cohn and Brad Gunnuscio who finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively for the Americans. Jack Brown was the top finishing American.  It looks as though the three pilots will be representing the United States at the World Championships in Piedrahita, Spain in the Summer of 2011. 

It was a really special week of flying, and I was so impressed with how all the top pilots from all over the world shared information and ideas about their wings and the flying when we were on the ground.  

Aerial Paragliding delivered on all the promises made, and we thank them for such a great week!

Chelan Nationals Website


header-2010 Chelan PWC
2010 US Paragliding Nationals

Congratulations to Eagle Team Pilot Josh Cohn who won 1st place at the 2010 Paragliding World Cup event held in Chelan, Washington on his new Niviuk Icepeak 4 NS. Josh is the 1st American pilot to win a PWC event since the late Scotty Marion won PWC Japan in 2003. American pilot Nick Greece, the editor of USHPA magazine, raced his way to 2nd place in Chelan.

Chelan dished up 6 days of excellent conditions, with 4 tasks of over 100km. The Chelan PWC event followed the Chelan XC Open, which was the 1st event in the US Nationals Series. The Chelan XC Open had 5 flyable days out of 6. With only one rest day between competitions, most pilots who flew both comps were happy to get day 4 blown out due to high winds. After the rest day, the task committee called a 154km task that tested the endurance of all the pilots as most of it was flown into the wind. The Winner of Task 4 was US Pilot Jack Brown with a time of 6 hours 18 minutes.

Final Results
Complete Results


header-2010 Chelan US Paragliding Nationals
2010 US Paragliding Nationals

The 2nd round of the U.S. National Championship series was held in Sun Valley from August 30th through September 5th. Sun Valley has a reputation for serving up some big air and big distance. The week before the competition started, Nate Scales broke the Idaho state record by flying 148.5 miles from Sun Valley to Spencer, ID near the Montana border.

The first 3 days of the competition were cancelled due to high winds and an overdeveloped sky. On day 4, a 70km task was called north to Stanley, taking pilots along the beautiful Boulder and Sawtooth Mountains. Nick Greece flew the course in 2 hours and 56 minutes to win the task. The following day, pilots got their oxygen ready as the climbs were expected to be higher than the previous day. Some pilots reached 16,000 feet during the 107km task from Sun Valley to Challis, ID. Task 2 mowed down quite a few pilots at the start as the crossing from launch to Otto peak proved difficult. Pilots able to get past the first crossing at Otto Peak found nice climbs that topped out at 13,000 feet. Continuing east towards the Pahsimeroi Range, north of Mt. Borah, pilots then found climbs to 16,000 feet which gave them plenty of altitude to dive into Dickey Peak. As pilots started heading north to Challis, a northwest wind built and tested the patience of most pilots. Eric Reed ended up winning the day with a time of 3 hours and 18 minutes. The first 2 serial class gliders that made it into goal that day were Santa Barbara pilots Ty Sporrer and Bob Anderson on their Niviuk Artik 2's.

On day 6, the task called that day and the next day due to a forecast for high winds. Eric Reed won the Sun Valley leg of the US Nationals after 2 days of great flying. Eagle Team pilot Brad Gunnuscio took 2nd on his Niviuk Icepeak 4, and Nick Greece placed 3rd. Eagle Paragliding Instructor Ty Sporrer won the Serial Class and the Sport Class on his DHV 2 Artik 2.

2010 US Paragliding Nationals

After outstanding flying in both Chelan and Sun Valley, Jack Brown was crowned the 2010 US National Champion. Nick Greece was 2nd and Brad Gunnuscio was 3rd.

Full results can be found at www.flyxc.org


header-Able Pilot Program
able pilot
The ABLE Pilot™ program is a research and instructional program designed to establish and support the development and testing of formal paragliding, hang gliding and ultralight instructional protocol and methods for student pilots with various physical disabilities.

The ABLE Pilot wheelchair/harness for paragliding was recently tested by top US competitions pilots Brad Gunnuscio and Nick Greece. We are closely watching the progress and development of ABLE Pilot. You can become a member of the ABLE Pilot Chapter of USHPA for only $25. Join Now!

Visit the ABLE Pilot Website.


header-Woody Valley Bix Safety Notice

Woody Valley and DHV have issued a Safety Notice for their Bix Harness. Specifically, the reserve parachute deployment system may have a problem. An individual who recently purchased a Bix tandem harness inserted a reserve parachute and then tried to simulate a reserve deployment. The pilot was unable to remove the reserve pins and was therefore unable to simulate a reserve deployment. For detailed information about this safety notice, CLICK HERE.

You may also check the DHV website for the official DHV Safety Notice.


header-New Products

Without a doubt, Flytec makes the best varios on the market. Protect your Flytec vario with these plastic covers. The buttons are left exposed so you can easily press them during flight. it has an elastic strap that goes around the back to keep the plastic cover in place. The plastic cover only goes over the front of the instrument, so if you already have velcro on the back of your instrument, you don't need to worry about having to put more velcro on the plastic cover.
Has your speed bar line worn out? Replace it with this burly line that was developed for the marine industry. It comes with a brummel hook already sewn into the line so no need to tie a knot. This line also conveniently fits nicely through the adjustable brummel hooks that we sell, and the holes in the Woody Valley Aluminum 2 Step Speed Bar that some of you Eaglets might have.
These ball compasses are perfect to pin onto your flight deck. If you ever accidentally end up in a cloud, this compass will help you maintain your course. All of our instructors fly with one of these.
For all of you GoPro junkies out there, this line mount is a great way to get another camera angle. You can mount this in your lines and aim your camera down at yourself.
This is in our opinion the best open face helmet on the market. It has a wheel in the back that allows you to adjust the size of the padded strap that goes around your head. So, whether you are flying without anything on your head, or you have piled on a couple balaclavas for cold weather, this helmet will be a comfortable fit. It also has vents that can be opened or closed during flight, and padded ear pads to keep the wind noise down.
Whoa! This is the meanest full face helmet on the market. We're considering offering an optional Darth Vader flight suit with this helmet. For those of you looking for full face protection, this helmet is a pretty nice option. The visor is available in clear, tinted, or mirror, and the helmet is available in Black Velvet or Silver Velvet.
These O-rings keep your lines in a nice place on your maillons. In case the screw on your maillon becomes undone, these o-rings will keep your lines where they need to be...on the maillons. If your glider has these on your maillons, you should check them every so often to see if they are dry or cracking, or maybe missing. You know where to get them.
This stuff is the best option for those of you who need to protect your face from burning during those long flights. Once this stuff goes on, it stays on. Sunscreen will normally wear off after an hour or so. They call this sunblock because it "blocks" the sun. We caked this stuff on our nose and cheeks during our flights in Chelan, WA and Sun Valley, ID this summer.
Did you have a line break, or some sheathing start to wear off? Eagle has been making lines for while now. We have most lines needed for the brands we carry. We can even make you the unsheathed line that looks like dental floss. Shoot us an email to see if we have the line you need.


Upcoming Clinics Header
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No more SIV clinics this year. Be sure to book early next year as our clinics sell out quickly.
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November 8th through November 9th - Santa Barbara, California
Become a Tandem Pilot- Tandem Clinic information.

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November 5th through November 7th - Santa Barbara, California
Become a paragliding instructor - Instructor's Certification Clinic information.
Thermal XC Clinic


December 12th & 13th- Southern California
Thermal XC Clinic information.
Owens Valley Clinic


Spring 2011 - Dates TBD
Owens Valley Clinic information.

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