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   SIV Clinics with US Champion Brad Gunnuscio farmer in the clouds
Matt Beechinor giving us a shot of his perspective from cloudbase during one of our tours in Valle De Bravo this January.
   2010 French Alps Tour - June 19-28
   2010 Italian Dolomites SIV/XC Tour Sep 8-18
   Owens Valley Thermal/XC Clinic
   Eagle on Top at Monarca Open - All Niviuk Podium
   Valle De Bravo Mexico Tours Wrap-Up
   2010 Rat Race Paragliding Competition
   2010 US Paragliding Nationals Series
   UP Trango XC
   Niviuk Hook 2
   Airwave Rodeo
   Airwave Sport Competition
   Woody Valley: The Harness Specialists
   Speed Bars
   Reserve Flight Decks
   Go Pro HD Helmet Cam


   SIV / Maneuvers Clinics
   Tandem Clinic
   ITP Instructors Certification Clinic
   Owens Valley Clinic
header-SIV Clinics

Our 2010 SIV Clinics are filling up fast. Eagle SIV clinics are coached by 2009 US Paragliding Champion, and 2009 US World Team Pilot Brad Gunnuscio. Brad has earned the reputation of being and exceptional SIV coach, and it was a big part of the reason he was awarded the USHPA Paragliding Instructor of the Year award in 2008. Brad has an amazing ability to challenge each pilot to go beyond their comfort zone.  Doing maneuvers over the water is the place to push.   We get lots of feedback from the SIV Clinic participants complimenting Brad’s timing and calm delivery as he coaches on the radio.  Having this training will make you a more confident pilot, and allow you to really enjoy and focus on your flying.  You gain experience with events at SIV Clinics which can make all the difference when you are flying in the wild and need that knowledge and experience.

April 22 – 24
April 25 - 27
May 20 - 22
May 23 - 25
June 3 – 5
June 6 – 8
July 29 – 31
August 1 – 3
September 9 – 11
September 12 – 14

- Asymmetric Tucks
- Full Frontal Tucks
- B Line Stalls
- Spirals
- Pitch Control (dolphining)
- Full Stalls
- Spins
- Wingovers
- Acro

View video from past Eagle SIV Clinics

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header-French Alps Tour

June 19th through 28th

Eagle Paragliding will be returning to the French Alps June 19th -28th 2010 for our annual Summer tour in France. The flying in and around the Lake Annecy region provides a variety of levels for all the tour participants. There will be three instructors to guide the group in both basic and advanced XC flying skills in one of the best places on earth to fly.  The group size will be capped to ensure the highest quality instruction for participants.

French Alps Paragliding Tour

The group will work on site analysis, including walking every LZ, beginning XC skills, ground handling if necessary, thermaling techniques, and getting as many flights as possible from as many different sites as possible.  We will also work on XC route analysis, potential triggers along course, valley flows, advanced thermaling techniques, flying as many kilometers as possible given the particular day, landing out skills and LZ analysis from the air.

Here are some images and accounts from the Eagle Paragliding French Alps Tour. Please drop us a line or email us if you have any questions whatsoever.


header-Italian Dolomites Tour

Italian Dolomite and SIV Clinic – September 8-18, 2010

We have all seen the amazing images in Cross Country Magazine and our USHPA Magazine of the Dolomites in Italy.  It seems like everywhere we go, it’s every pilot's dream to fly this amazing mountain landscape.  Eagle Paragliding is making the dream a reality in the Fall of 2010. 

We will be starting this tour with a three day SIV clinic at Lago de Garda in Italy.  This is the ideal location for this training.  The beauty is that pilots will be foot launching with the support of Rob Sporrer from the mountains, and gliding out over the lake to be coached through maneuvers by America's all around top Acro and Cross Country pilot Brad Gunnuscio.  Brad flew the PWC Superfinal in Italy in 2009, and decided we needed to bring pilots here to experience the beauty and amazing flying offered.

After the three days of SIV training, the group will fly the amazing paragliding sites this area of Italy offers with the world famous Dolomites being a big part of this flying experience.

We have planned this tour in September.  Autumn is the most reliable and manageable time in the Dolomites. The months of September and October offer manageable thermals, and the valley winds have calmed down enough to let recreational pilots experience the amazing flying in this area.

The scenery is incredible, and you will be truly inspired while flying in the heart of the most impressive and distinctive mountain range in Europe. There are large flat landing paddocks along all routes in the area so landing out is never a worry, and the buoyant valley flows let us soar until sunset.

On a good day, expect the base to be around 3000 feet above launch reaching altitudes of 11,500 to 13,000 feet. You can expect thermals to be anywhere from 500-1000 fpm this time of year. The main valley wind will usually be moderately soarable from a South-Westerly direction.  There are many areas at lower altitudes offering relaxed soaring conditions, which allow you to take in the beauty after flying high around some of the most impressive landscapes in Europe.

Pilots wishing to participate in our tour will need at least 20 hours of logged airtime, and thermaling experience. You also need to be confident with your forward and reverse launching, and be able to always find a safe landing option.

For information on the Italy Tour, email us.


header-owens valley clinic
Join Eagle Paragliding's Spring Owens Valley Clinic April 16th through 18th. Eagle's Spring and Fall 2009 Owens Valley Clinics saw excellent conditions, and once again had many personal bests. Arnie Frankenberger broke last year’s clinic record by flying 62.5 miles south from Flynn’s. If you want to start flying XC, the Owens Valley is an outstanding place to improve your skills. The entire Valley is an LZ, and the highway that splits the two ranges makes for an easy retrieve.

Here are some posts from SA, and tour participants on this Spring's clinic:

"Today is Monday and I feel like a stranger to my old life. On Friday I was a different man than the one I am today. What happened, you might ask? I was transported to a new life, with new meaning and values. The trip was only 40 miles or so. It took two flights and about 6 hours. Those flights seem tangibly small, but my spirit went on a much longer journey. It visited the Inyo, which in Paiute means “The dwelling place of the great spirit.”........ Read More about our Spring 2009 Owens Valley Clinic

owens valley clinic

To reserve your spot in the Owens Valley Clinic, visit our online store.


header-Monarca Open

Congratulations to Eagle Team Pilots Brad Gunnuscio and Josh Cohn for their 1st and 2nd place finishes at the 2010 Monarca Paragliding Open in Valle De Bravo Mexico. Niviuk deserves congratulations as well for sweeping the podium at the event. If you missed out on this competition, you can check out our complete coverage featuring task details, results, and photos. Out of six days, we had four fully valid tasks in excellent conditions. Task 4 was challenged by full cloud coverage and the last task was cancelled due to rain.

2010 Monarca Open Podium
Final Results Top Ten:
  Pilot Country Points
1 Brad Gunnuscio USA 4024
2 Josh Cohn USA 3943
3 Lucas Bernardin France 3806
4 Jack Brown USA 3749
5 Nate Scales USA 3592
6 Raul Penso Venezuela 3565
7 Kjell-Harald Nesengmo Norway 3393
8 Marko Hrgetic Croatia 3333
9 Bjornar Trondsen Norway 3226
10 Radek Vecera Czech Republic 3169

View full coverage of the 2010 Monarca Open


header-Valle De Bravo Mexico Tours

Our annual Valle De Bravo Paragliding Tours ended up a complete success. We make the trek each January and set aside two weeks organizing tours to get pilots as much thermaling and cross country experience as they can handle in what has to be the most consistent winter time flying location on the planet.

We ran this year's tours differently than our past seven years of tours in Valle.  We had a huge staff of nine instructors, and the resumes on the Eagle Staff in Valle was thoroughly impressive.  We had two USHPA Instructor of the Year award recipients, the Women’s World Distance Record holder, and the entire U.S. National Team that competed in Valle De Bravo at the World Championships in January 2009.  Each member of our National Team won a day during the ten day World Chamionship event meaning they were the best in the paragliding world that day.  To sum it up, we were stacked with as much talent as can be expected from a staff of paragliding instructors on a tour.  With a talented staff of this size more than half the group received one on one instruction, and the most any instructor was assigned was two pilots to look after.

valle de bravo sky

Having such a large high caliber staff allowed us to custom tailor the tour to meet each participant’s expectations.  Each staff member asked the pilots they were assigned about their flying goals for the week, and what specifically they wanted out of the trip. Our staff helped these pilots achieve their personal goals. 

The flying that the more advanced pilots participating on the tour enjoyed this year was very satisfying to everyone.  Our National Team and the rest of our staff flew these advanced pilots over all of the terrain Valle has to offer on some of the same routes we fly during the annual competitions there.  This was a big goal we had set for ourselves as a staff, and we succeeded in getting the new people a maximum amount of soaring, and the more advanced pilots were challenged with XC routes they couldn’t have ever imagined flying on their own.  There is no turning back for us we will be running our Valle tours in this manner every year after our success in 2010.

valle de bravo launch

The tandems were an amazing experience for pilots as well; especially those just starting to push themselves out of their comfort zone starting to fly cross country.  Some pilots realized the benefit of flying tandem with some of the best pilots and instructors in the United States and took advantage by flying a handful of tandems.  We had five tandem slots available every day, and it was good to see the tour participants taking advantage, and getting the knowledge from these flights which they could apply to their personal flying.

El Niño threw everyone in Valle a curve ball.  Our first tour saw cloudy skies for most of the week, but Valle is magic.  It was soarable and we managed to get loads of soaring in and there were beautiful flying days even in that first week. After the tours, the staff flew in the Monarca Paragliding Open paragliding competition, and Eagle Team pilots Brad Gunnuscio and Josh Cohn flew to 1st and 2nd place, respectively.  We had an amazing hail storm two days after the competition ended that had us sledding in the yard of our private ranch.  Valle turned into a winter wonderland for a few hours.

eagle tour group photo

A big thanks to all the pilots who joined us for the tours in 2010, and a big thanks to all the instructors on the Eagle Staff who worked hard every day and gave these folks everything they had to help them achieve the goals they had set for themselves. Read the details on the 2010 Eagle Paragliding Valle De Bravo Tours.


header-2010 Rat Race Paragliding Competition

The 2010 Rat Race will be the best competition of the year for first time pilots who have never competed, or pilots who have only competed in weekend competitions.  Will Gadd and Jeff Farrell are organizing an amazing mentoring program for everyone involved. 

Rat Race

I encourage you to take advantage of dedicating a week to this educational and enjoyable opportunity.  It could end up being the best week of your summer.

My theme for the 2010 Rat Race is “Back to the Roots!”  The first year Mike Hailey and Dixon White put on this event, we saw many new competitors flying together and making goal most days.  As the word spread about the great organization, flying, and learning at the first Rat Race, the event became one of the premiere competitions in the United States.  As time went on, the event grew drawing the nation’s top pilots. Some of these pilots were trying to earn a spot on our National Team.

The mentoring program continued between newer pilots and the nation’s top pilots the following years, and they both enjoyed flying and racing together at this event.  The daily tasks became more challenging when more top pilots participated. This left some of the newer pilots looking skyward after landing short of goal only to watch the big dogs fly overhead. 

Some pilots may have felt the tasks were too big, and wanted to race against their peers on tasks they could potentially make goal.  Last years Rat Race saw the task distances more manageable with lots of happy faces in goal.  I can’t quite describe how fun it is to challenge yourself to fly a specific course and to end up making the finish line with your friends.  

Rat Race

This year’s event will deliver on every level.  The tasks will be challenging but manageable.  Does anybody wonder how they will stack up against current US Paragliding Champion Brad Gunnuscio? He will be flying an intermediate level wing like most of the field. Can he still win if he doesn’t have a performance advantage on you?  Somebody has got to beat him to goal.  Who will it be, you?

The flying and racing is so much fun, but the mentoring and the people is what make this week so great.  Classroom discussions take place at meet headquarters every evening after the flying.  Some of the nation’s best pilots and instructors will give lectures and answer your questions on a variety of topics.

Mike and Gail and all their volunteers treat you like family because you are family from the day you show up.  You will want to return and fly like so many to see your friends at the annual Rat Race Competition.  Do yourself a favor and block out a week of your summer to treat yourself to the time of your life.

For registration and information visit the official web site at www.freeflightcomps.com .


header-2010 US Paragliding Nationals
2010 US Paragliding Nationals

The 2010 US Paragliding National Championship Series will be held over 2 events:

Chelan Butte, Chelan, Washington - July 10th through 15th
Registration dates: Early Registration March 15th through June 15th, $350. Late Registration After June 15th, $425
*All pilots will need a FAI license: www.naa.aero
Current site record is 120 miles (Mark Telep).
Chelan Nationals Website

Sun Valley, Idaho - August 30th through September 5th
Registration dates: Early Registration until July 1st, $375. Late Registration following July 1st, $475
Current site record is 139 miles (Honza Rejmanek)
Sun Valley Nationals Website


header-UP Trango XC UP Trango XC

After a decade of class-defining performance, the Trango family is ready for the next incarnation – and this time UP's got something very special in store for you! Made to take the word ‘performance’ to the next level, this is THE wing for XC and Serial Class competition hounds.
UP Trango XC – the best performing certified wing, this thoroughbred 3-line race machine makes fast flying easy, and has the feel and the handling to help the pilot centre lift fast every time. We call it SENSATIONAL BALANCE

A true 3-liner is a wing that has only A, B and C line attachments on the canopy - just like the UP Edge, just like the new Trango XC. The advantages are obvious, with lines meaning drag, and less drag equalling more performance. On the new Trango XC the 3-line concept has been enhanced with the second generation of the UP Pitch trimmers, where the entire airfoil is changed when the trimmers are applied, so that although the wing is slowed down in climbing mode its near-perfect stalling characteristics don't change at all! The brake travel even remains the same!

View the DHV Test results for the Trango XC:
-Small/Medium (77-93kg)
-Medium (90-107kg)
-Large (104-122kg)

Highlights of the UP Trango XC

  • True 3-liner - less drag, more performance, more fun
  • New risers designed in conjunction with the comp prototype risers - efficient and easy speed increase at at your feet
  • 2nd generation Pitch Trimmers - slow down the airfoil in lift without compromising slow flight feel. Also handy for tight landings
  • New wingtips - better handling, gentle stall characteristics and reduced induced drag
  • New canopy camber - tips are higher in relation to canopy center compared to recent UP wings. This makes for higher projected aspect ratio, and has allowed us to go reduce the flat area of the wing for the same weight ranges
  • Rounded cell openings - improves the inflation and strengthens the leading edge for increased tuck resistance
  • Full race line concept - all lines made from unsheathed Aramide
  • 2nd generation Airfoil Stabilising System in the leading edge. Straight from the competition prototypes, this UP innovation keeps the leading edge shape with NO MYLAR inserts, and allows pilots the performance and stability of comparable Mylar leading edges without the hassle of accordion folding, and with no risk of cravattes
  • Partial Brakeline Tensioning System - the UP BTS is employed for most of the trailing edge, in the middle the brake lines are moved forward from the trailing edge to improve canopy definition and control
  • SpaceFrame Concept - no rigid or semi-rigid Mylar inserts in the canopy design, all shapes are maintained with carefully calculated pull only, just like in a Space Frame

This all translates to a new performance wing like no other. It launches better than most school wings, it handles like a hot knife in butter, it has a high top speed of 57km/h and it remains very stable all the way up there. Add to this the directional stability at speed and the very docile behavior when the going gets rough, and you have the perfect tool for going far, fast.

Trango XC Technical specs

Flat Area
Projected Area
Flat Span
Projected Span
Flat AR
Projected AR
Load-bearing ribs
Total line length incl. brakes
Number of lines incl. brakes
Line dimensions
LTF Category
EN Category
Start weight min/max


header-Niviuk Hook 2

Niviuk Hook 2

Niviuk has released its latest glider, the Hook 2. The Hook 2 includes Niviuk's Structured Leading Edge technology, which is used in Niviuk's Artik 2 and Icepeak series gliders. Improvements in design include approximately 12% decrease in total line length, higher arc, and higher aspect ratio.

Check out the Size 25 EN Test Results

For more information on the Hook 2, go to our Online Store.


Size 21 23 25 27 29
Flat Area (m2) 21 23 25 27 29
Flat Span (m) 10.55 11.04 11.51 11.96 12.39
Flat Aspect Ratio 5.3
Flattening (%) 15
Total Lines (m) 270 276 294 306 317
Total number of lines 218
Main Lines 3/3/4/2
Risers 4 - A/B/C/D
Minimum Hook In Weight (kg) 45 65 80 95 110
Maximum Hook In Weight (kg) 65 85 100 115 130
Glider Weight (kg) 5.0 5.3 5.6 5.9 6.2
Certification EN B / LTF 1-2
Airwave Rodeo - The Strong Wind Glider
Airwave Rodeo

The Airwave design team has a winner with their new mini glider, the Rodeo. We are going to be seeing lots more pilots adding gliders this size to their wing quiver.  It fits in somewhere between your speed wing (aggressive descents, and touch and go’s on skis) and your paraglider. The Rodeo incorporates the characteristics of a speed wing with those of a beginner paraglider. The Rodeo is exceptionally fast with great handling and performance. Its low aspect ratio and wing loading make it outstandingly safe. It was designed for pilots who love to soar on windy ridges and dunes as well as in alpine regions without sacrificing performance and safety. The Rodeo is also perfect for playing in strong winds on the training hill. The concept of the Rodeo is not based on a low-performance parachute profile like a speed wing, but on the biconvex profile of a gentle LTF 1-2 glider. It is easy to handle even in strong winds of 40 km/h. The Rodeo’s simple line and riser concept is available in a 15 sqm Projected Area. So now you can fly at the ridge with the hang gliders when it’s really blowing.

Our sport is expanding and branching out into new and exciting directions. Airwave has been keen but careful to embrace them. High wind soaring is a clear and definite new direction that opens up a wealth of opportunities to get our feet off the ground with the wind literally whistling through our ears. The Rodeo is built for those who love that raw feeling of speed. Unlike speed riding wings the Rodeo is a mini paraglider. If it was a normal sized wing it would be a cool LTF 1-2 glider, but it is much more agile and responsive than a standard wing because it is so much smaller. The Rodeo's tiny size also makes it a great choice for super light pilots - from 40 kg upwards!

The Rodeo has a 17.5 sqm Flat Area, and is made from strong standard weight fabrics and rips along at 45 km/h with a 75 kg pilot.  Practically everyone who has tried the wing has decided to keep it so be warned, don’t try unless you can buy.

Get more info about this glider at our online Paragliding Store


Airwave Sport Comp Airwave Sport Comp

Since its release in 2008, the Sport 4 has proven itself to be an outstanding wing in the 1-2 class. The wings balance of performance and accessibility has received a great deal of praise worldwide.

With the Sport Competition, Airwave is aiming even higher. This latest offering in their "Sport" series glider has been optimized though several changes to the wing's construction that has improved the flying experience in almost every respect from performance to weight handling and safety. Airwave's test pilots were very impressed with the results of the flight test measurements which revealed a glide improvement at trim speed, but a massive improvement of around one point in glide at top speed, leading to a significantly flattened polar curve.

The Sport Competition has been optimized by changes in several significant construction details leading to a weight reduction of almost 1 kg.  The Sport Competition uses a lighter cloth on the bottom sail as well as in the internal structure. By using the lighter materials, the brake pressure has been reduced and the handling has improved due to the reduced inertia of the wing.

If you want to experience the performance of this top glider, you don't need to be a competition pilot; like the Sport 4, the Sport Competition is surprisingly easy to fly. It is certified EN-B and LTF 1-2.

The upper cascades on the Sport Competition are 80kg UV coated microlines by Edelrid. These lines are an ideal compromise between reduction of drag and durability, and as it is only the lines next to the wing that are microlines they are unlikely to come in contact with the ground avoiding any deterioration of the microlines. All the middle and lower lines are wear resistant sheathed lines.

The parasitic drag is reduced even more by using thin risers. The change in the speed system the Sport Competition gives a smoother more direct acceleration. All these factors improve performance, without losing in safety or durability. The Sport Competition is the right wing for pilots who want a great performing glider in the LTF 1-2 class. Particularly in accelerated flight, where some gliders of higher categories can struggle to keep the same glide at speed.


header-woody valley
Woody Valley

Woody Valley was founded in 1985 and is one of the few companies in the world specializing exclusively in the production of hang gliding and paragliding harnesses. They are based in Italy, and Italians have quite a reputation for design.  Names like Armani, Ducati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini speak to the apparent design talent and attention to detail that is only Italian.  Woody Valley has earned the reputation of designing and manufacturing the most comfortable harnesses on the market for over 25 years.  These harnesses combine unmatched comfort with security and performance, enabling pilots to really connect with the wing.

With their focus solely on harness production, Woody Valley has a big selection giving pilots many choices. Their Hike and Fly, Lightweight, Cross Country, Acro, and Pod harnesses are hard to match in design, comfort, and quality.  They are the only harness manufacturer to give the pilot two different leg strap options.

You only need to sit in a Woody Valley harness to feel the fit and comfort difference. Would you buy a pair of shoes before trying them on?  Ask your instructor to sit you in the simulator and give Woody Valley a try before you make your next harness purchase.

Visit our Woody Valley Harness Information Page to browse through their offerings.


header-speed bars

woody valley speed barwindtech speed bar UP speed bar

Is your speedbar worn out from mashing all that bar this winter? Check out these three offerings.

- Woody Valley Aluminum 2-Step Speed Bar - The 2nd step is made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and is built to last. The speed line comes pre-stitched so you don't need to tie any knots. You can adjust the length of the line on the side of the speed bar which has 3 holes you thread the line through to keep it at the preferred length. Again, no need for tying knots. The 1st step is made of steel cable, coated in plastic for durability. Set at a 90 degree angle so you can always find it.

- Windtech Aluminum/Polycarbonate 2 Step Speed Bar - 1st step is made of a plastic coated steel cable for flexibility and durability. The 2nd step is made of a tough polycarbonate plastic coated with soft foam for comfort. The line is embedded in the bar, and adjustable at the 3 holed brummel hook...No need for tying knots.

- UP Soft 3 Step Speed Bar - This speedbar is popular among some of our Team Pilots who want a soft speedbar for their pod.

View all speed system options in our online store


header-Front Mount Reserves

woody valley front mount reserve Woody Valley Woody Valley Cockpit with Front Mount Reserve - For standard reserve parachutes in addition to lightweight reserves. View this product in our online store
up profile light UPUP Profile Light - lightweight reserve parachute with small flight deck area. Weighs 1.6kg. View this product in our online store
windtech windsos lite WindtechWindtech SOS Lite reserve parachute with small flight deck area. Weighs 1.2kg. View this product in our online store
airwave front mount reserve AirwaveAirwave Cockpit with Front Mount Reserve compartment for all reserves. View this product in our online store


Go Pro HD Helmet Cam

Go Pro HD Helmet Cam Introducing the Best Helmet Camera on the market - The GoPro HD Hero. Of all the HD helmet cams on the market, we have determined that the GoPro HD Hero is the best option. It's compact, easy to use, and records quality video. We at Eagle Paragliding have stood back and waited for a quality helmet camera to reach the market, and we've finally found what we have been looking for. We will begin shipping the GoPro HD Hero Helmet Cam in late March.

- 1080p / 960p / 720p True HD Video at 30 and 60 frames per second.
- 170° and 127° Wide Angle Shooting from One Lens
- 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 second Auto-Photo Mode
- 3 Photo Burst Mode
- 2.5 hour battery life (expandable)
- Up to 32 gb data storage
- Waterproof housing

View videos of the GoPro HD Hero

Check our online store in late March for this product!


Upcoming Clinics Header
SIV Clinics


4/22 - 4/24 - Northern California
4/25 - 4/27 - Northern California
5/20 - 5/22 - Northern California
5/23 - 5/25 - Northern California
Maneuvers Clinic information

Tandem Clinic


March 20th through March 21st - Santa Barbara, California
Become a Tandem Pilot- Tandem Clinic information.
Instructor Clinic


April 10th through April 12th - Santa Barbara, California
Become a paragliding instructor - Instructor's Certification Clinic information.
Owens Valley Clinic


April 14th through April 16th - Owens Valley, California
Improve on your thermaling and cross country flying skills. Owens Valley Clinic information.

Check out Eagle Paragliding's complete Calendar


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